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Monster Jam 2014

Posted by nubienatty on

When it comes to spending time wit my boys we like to develop traditions. Ever since ICE at the harbor makes an appearance at national harbor I always make it my business to take my boys. We do dinner n brave the cold to enjoy the ice sculptures n slide down the ice slide....

<span style="font-size: medium;">However last year, i wasnt able to take em becuz ummm yea i didnt see the living social deals i normally see to get the tickets n time just passesd so i figured i'd make it up to them by takin em to see Monster Jam at Verizon Center :)

</span><span style="font-size: medium;">we hopped the metro (mason loves riding the train) n headed on out. Normally i'd of drove but didnt wanna deal wit the hustle n bustle of traffic on a friday n fight for parking. It was a fun ride nonetheless but im not a fan of...**dun dun duuuun** public transportation!! Now of course when we get there im in photo mode but they errrr uh yea paid me NO ATTN!!


<span style="font-size: medium;">Most people think when i say "my boys" i have 2 sons...well i might as well huh lol. camron is my stepbrother who i bring along for our outings becuz they both keep me so young yet each other entertained. Now of course i took the opportunity to play dress up n got dolled up ;)


<span style="font-size: medium;">The lovely lip would be mac pleasure bomb from riri hearts holiday collection n i looove it (if u missed it Girl About Town is basically the same just not matte). overall the show was well...for boys who love big trucks n watching races along wit random smashes. We sat behind a group of rednecks who enjoyed it just as much as the boys did cuz they were dmn sure loud. You get pretty decent seats for $20-30 too actually and since i know mason is obsessed with monster trucks...im sure we'll do it again next year...until i can trust to just drop them off n scoop em later ;)




smashbox camera ready BB cream eyes review

Posted by nubienatty on

<span style="font-size: medium;">So i just pretty much think i'll allocate myself as the guinea pig for new products that hit the market becuz for the love of ray j i just cant find reviews on shyt!! whyyyyyyy!!! maybe its just ME! u would think with soooo much makeup i already have that it would be enuff...the woooorld is never enuff **evil laugh**

when a new product comes across my radar i like to wait it out for a few weeks n wait on reviews n swatches so when i just so happen to be in sephora i can test it out for myself n get it. i am IN LOVE with smashbox bb cream for my face. it's basically the only thing i wear in the summer time becuz im not into changin foundation colors n etc, and its my fav becuz it doesnt leave me oily lookin. When i seen smashbox was doin a bb cream for the EYES **slightly faints** becuz again i love their bb formula n im a sucker for a good concealer *heart flutters*i knew i had to have it.

now my concealers i like to get them a shade or 2 lighter than my norm becuz i prefer the highlight look under my eyes. my dark circles can be darker than wesley snipes playin hide n seek in a cave chile!! The cool thing about BB's is they melt n mesh into ur skin n morphe to set as the perfect tone to look as natural as possible. For that i chose "light/medium" and it was the PEEEEERFECT balance. It gave me a slight highlight with a natural tone to finish and will definitely be incorporated into my summer face routine. I think my only con or drawback would be....for $25 this pen will NOT last me long. The applicator is the same type of brush you'd see on saaaay YSL eclat touche' and mac prep n prime highlighters-those clicky pens. But i'd definitely recommend to try becuz its moisturizing, creamy, i had no problem with creasing nor did i use a primer AND i didnt set it. My face was merely smashbox bb cream for face and eyes with NO POWDER to set either of the 2 (surprisingly).

smooches </span>


Stila magnificents shadow/liner review

Posted by nubienatty on

Sooo i decided to do a review on the Stila Magnificent Metal Liner ($25) because i haven't seen any reviews nor swatches and compare it to the foil finish shadow ($32) because i know the price point in itself is a turn OFF and if ur like meeee you'd wanna research n look for swatches n reviews before taking the plunge.
The shadows came out first and i got the vintage gold. OMG!! swatchin em in sephora i instantly fell in love n actually slept on it a few times becuz lets be honest...thirty ANYthing is a tad bit much for a shadow but each time i went i just felt bad leaving without it so i bit the bullet in the name of beauty n said YOLO as i swiped my card for it. The texture is so different than a normal shadow. it's like a a creamy wet-ish gooey mousse like shadow (if that makes sense) and it's one of those things u have to try for urself to understand. i've seen several swatches n they do absolutely NO JUSTICE to how pretty they are in person. The shadows are a tad chunky n come with this half filled mini bottle of solution that ur suppose to use to mix with the shadow but eeeeh i dnt (u know i dnt follow rules lol). Becuz its so chunky YES it will crease; primer or no primer, but i found it creased only if u piled layers n layers on top of each other. 
DITCH THE BRUSHES!!! these work soooo much better with ur fingers. i lightly dab a layer on n spread it using my finger and go over it with another layer and didnt notice creasing. i've read alot of reviews where they found it was messy n left a glittery mess when its time to remove em. iiiii didnt find a problem in removing em from my lids. i use ELF makeup remover wipes or whatever other cheap wipes is near me and i dnt have a glitter bomb leftover (surprisingly). </p>

So about a month or so after i got the shadow...lo and behold the metal eye liners appear...EEEEK!! i knew i had to grab it cuz it was cheaper and to just compare it to the shadow n see which one is worth keeping:
Again...pics do these no justice. The main difference is that the liners are a black base which makes it PEEEEERFECT for a smokey eye and its less chunky. the texture is just somewhat the same but the liners are different. I haven't used em as liners n only on the lids. DITCH THE BRUSHES!!! i started off using the brush (flat brush like a mac 242) and becuz its sooo thick it just wasn't as intense so i said phk it n used my fingers which worked MUCH better. It blends n smudges like a dream yet used alone the gold sparkle isnt as vibrant as the shadow. ooooh the purple would be a good pick too n im SO debating on grabbin it. 

                                                    liner on the left, shadow on the right
                                                        notice how chunky the shadow

The liner n shadow make a perfect pair but lets be real a combo costing $57 is a little ummm yea bit much!! however catchin em on SALE would be like hitting the lottery. The other thing im skeptical of is...the shelf life becuz of the texture (which is why i keep them in the box in case i need to return). If i had to pick one it would be the shadow becuz u can always use them over shadows vs the liner. TO ME the liner would be more limited becuz of the black base. At the price point NO im not collecting em but i absolutely think they are worth giving a trial run. there's nothing like it on the market-that i've tried and i'd like to think i've tried em all...or at least the majority lol. I'd love to find more reviews on these liners tho so if u see some send em my way!!
just FYI im extra proud of my brows!! i used anastasia brow pomade (which i'll review later in another post) and my foundation is NARS sheer glow in Tahoe with a concealer combo of kat von d (light) and mac studio finish (nw30) laaaawd u know how much hard work it takes to cover these dark circles :7 i use a shovel to remove this shyt at night mayne!! Also i love me some ombre' lips. i feel like i can do it with my eyes closed becuz its so easy to do. it's all in the PAT of the finger...are u catching the trend here haha...i almost dnt know why i hoard brushes when i mainly use my hands **le sigh** but i use mac spice liner and siss lipstick n threw in some revlon matte stick in shameless in the "milla" n lightly patted a hint of a random nude gloss n VOILA!!

in case anyone was wondering (and becuz i just wanna show em off) my lip combo is mac talk that talk liner and occ sebastian (my faaaavorite lip tar eveeeer)


IG: kisham126 Twitter: @kandidkoilz



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<span style="font-size: medium;">
So i just haaaad to interrupt the regularly scheduled program becuz i passed another monumental makeup moment!! EEEEEK!! im like sooo excited that im prolly typing faster than my brain is processing (or vice versa). let me just sorta kinda start from the beginning n ATTEMPT to make it short (u know i write too much) so it all started when **cue harps and wavy vision**

nars sheer matte foundation-tahoe primed w/nars radiance enhancing primer//concealers:tarte creaseless (tan deep), mac prolong wear (nw30) elf color corrector (apricot beige)

im tryin to perfect my face in the day but also at night and WITH flash!! im in this makeup group and a local artist, Tee Jay kept posting pics on her improving her face WITH flash!! im thinkin hmmm...never really thought of caring how it looks with a flash or at night cuz umm...im normally in the house by then n im no social butterfly to party at night lol. anyhoo...i just admired her face which is already FLAWLESS n took notes. remember when i had that mishap w/tarte setting powder?

i freaking hate n despise of how hd powders have that infamous "im a crackhead" flashback wit white powder just telling awwwwl ur dirty little secrets >:< THE NERVE!! after tips from renny n beatface class i learned: apply the hd powder FIRST then banana powder or whatever powder of ur tone on top!! well...i tried it n VOILA!! but i wanted to be sure so i've been experimenting here n there to get it right n make sure i wasnt crazy. my first practice was with MUFE HD powder w/banana on top:

(first pic was after my MUFE/BANANA combo and the final was when i set it awl w/studio fix powder) 
so u see i have a love hate w/hd powders becuz i love the finished product...IN THE LIGHT!! lovely finish mmmm i love how flawless it looks especially under the eyes.

ok back to today...After i applied my foundation n concealer i did NOT set my face w/anything!! u know i ALWAYS set my face w/something (studio fix powder or msf) but i didnt today becuz 1. i wanted to test out this nars foundation before i purchase a full size bottle and 2. i didnt bring none lol. HERE'S THE THING: i love the finish of hd powders becuz it really does set ur face n keep the oily look away. i just HATE the flashback!! anyhoo...i applied the tarte powder n let it sit while i did my brows. after i put some brows on i swept away the powder THEN applied ben nye banana powder n remembered Tee sayin "blend to the gawds" i did just that n snapped a few pics...ehhhh it was ok but i noticed where i needed to blend more (if u notice in the pic above the right pic on top is better blended vs the bottom) yawl...i was blending so dmn hard u would've thought my phkn face was eating the brush mmmm k!! so after i finished my face:

i was like mmmm ok not bad for a quickie face at work!! even tho it looks pretty good in the daaaaay i wanna see what it'll look like when the lights are out in the dark WITH a flash EEEK!!

**heaven gates open and angels sing**
i was like got dmn it EUREKA!!! muthaphkn EEEEEEK of the weeeeek!!! yes **leprechaun kick** yawl...i could've shed a tear. do u know how much i've been wanting my shyt to look even CLOSE to how tee's is? ok wayment let me get a pic of tee...

see i want my face to look as natural as possible WITH flash. now it all makes sense when Beatface Honey says whenever she does faces she uses a flash to see what she needs to correct. ooooooooooh im gettin it now!! im just excited to be able to get this far n finally enjoy using HD powders again without the flashback reaction!! yaaaay!! **hits the dougie**

ok so for the rest of my face werk:

i kept it fairly simple...i mean...I AM at work!! i did the nars radiance primer (remember im not a primer type of gal) but i think its worth a try...as in SAMPLE try becuz it really does reflect radiance on the skin n makes it glow. I would prolly mix it w/the foundation next time so my "glow" isn't covered. i did mac msf (dark) to kontour, msf lust (tropical taboo coll) to highlight n vintage grape ombre blush (from daphne guiness coll-my fav after gingerly) on the cheeks, spice liner n vegas volt lipstick dabbed w/dazzleglass creme in demure...

hahahahahaha yall should've seen how many takes it took in the bathroom wit the lights out lol. i was in there a good 10 min just a flickin away...in the dark. im sure i giggled in there too (in case someone walked pass). on my eyes i kept it simple w/let it pop pp, brown script in the crease, waveline fluidline on top n elf on bottom to line. my lashes are merely ebay lashes i practice with. i did a quick brow job w/anastasia brow wiz (med ash) and lamik powder (southside). i must must must....stop takin my time for granted n get the practicing on PEOPLE! i feel like its easy to do it on urself n harder (for me) to do it on others until i get comfortable!! stay tuned EEEEK!!




To Prime or NOT to prime

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<span style="font-size: medium;">Ok...so how long have i been into makeup? hmmm a little over 2 yrs and i learn somethin new everyday!! when i first got into it, the ESSENTIALS was alllll about PRIMING!! remember i started out NOT wearing foundation n only dressed up my eyes so my main thing was an eye primer. it helped ALOT. i used to always wonder why i'd put on eyeshadow n it would be pretty much invisible before i left the house.

hahahaha peep my throwback lol. i always like to look at past pics to see my progress n how far i've come from my early days. i like to compare my "then n now" pics and i always...no ALWAYS tell others to DOCUMENT ur process whether its hair, makeup or whatever. i clearly didnt just WAKE up n look like a professional. practice-practice-practice!! even to this day i take pics so i can analyze what to do differently or what i need to work on...anyhoo...in the above pic i used Urban Decay primer potion faithfully. when i researched (which is also important) primers everyone ranted n raved on UD. (i also HATE that i started off in the higher end of makeup like UD, MUFE n etc but thats another story)

I have the original UD primer (vintage bottle) thats clear n the UD primer in Sin which is more frosty. I used Sin either by itself (if i was in a rush) or under shadow which i didnt like too much becuz it creased on me. After a while, i discovered mac paint pots (pp) where my first one was Rubenesque. It's still my favorite to this day (pop it on the lid throw some mac expresso n the crease n goooo). the pp's are thicker than UD primers n less oily. UD tends to slide around on my lids so i slowly but surely phased out UD n stuck to pp's. its a one stop shop becuz i can use em alone which i mainly do n i like collecting the assorted colors. what i also use to prime my lids is leftover concealer after applying to my undereye area. i apply with my fingers n whatevers left over i swipe over my eyes!!

So i will stamp that priming ur eyes are EXTREMELY important. I wouldn't dare attempt to do my eyes without it. I know some people also use NYX Milk shadow stick to have bright colors POP but that shyt creases on me too. IF i use it i have a pp under it. After graduating into foundations, one thing i also never did was prime my face. I'd moisturize n hop right into applying foundation. Then i tried Bare Escentuals Prime Time primer and Smashbox but they felt so...how can i describe it...silicony like **rubbing fingers together** it feels greasy but isnt and it glides on but feels...i honestly cant describe it but it feels weird **looks up confused** so i stopped usin it. Fast fwd to this summer. i was watchin Wendy Williams and seen the segment on summer essentials and the mentioned BECCA. i also hear alot about Hourglass so i said to self...SELF...gawn head n give em a try:

i went to sephora (online) n did some research on the 2 (again research is important). BECCA is a whoppin $36 and thats alot for ME becuz im not a face priming type of gal. The mini set of Hourglass primer n serum duo was only $25. Since we've been havin sweltering hot n humid days i decided to put em to the test. I tried out the BECCA first so here's my review...

I was intrigued to try it becuz i heard n seen MATTE!!! i prefer a matte finish becuz if i go for the dewy look i end up lookin like im a cast member alongside DMX n NAS in Belly!! this states u can use it alone but i wouldn't only becuz it doesn't have a tint of color or anything. It comes out thick (sometimes too thick becuz it's harder to squeeze out) and i used it in my t-zone one day and all over the face another day. it DOES keep ur face matte even in hotter days so i began just applying it to my oily parts: forehead and around my nose. WARNING: if u use too much it'll leave that white residue like u got pimp smacked wit baby powder n will feel TOO dry!!

Then i did the Hourglass set:

ok so this set is interesting. it comes w/a serum so i skipped my normal moisturizer to use the serum first THEN the primer. **rubs fingers together** there goes that silicony feel again but it didnt feel greasy. it was easier to apply vs the thicker BECCA n glided on smoothly. i again did all over my face n t-zone to test it out. now THIS i'd prefer all over face. there were times i skipped the serum n went straight for the primer-didnt make much of a difference.

sooo whats my verdict:

in comparin the 2...i'd PREFER to use BECCA becuz it leaves me more matte than Hourglass. im still left wit a bit of sheen wit hourglass n around my nose still sweated (HA!-sweated). hourglass i'd use moreso in the colder months. i've also seen folks use milk of magnesia (mom) for oily skin to prime but let me be HONEST n say this...i have combo skin. i keep a diligent skincare regimen as well so to prime after moisturizing doesn't effect me either way. i dnt see a huge difference where it makes face priming a MUST HAVE for me. i can go without n my face is STILL just as flawless without primer **snaps** i also feel on average WHO is really wearin makeup for longer than 8-10 hrs? soooo why would i need to buy into these "24 hr long lasting" makeup gimmicks!!

TO PRIME OR NOT TO PRIME really is based on ur own personal preference n skin type. if yo shyt is oily its oily!! u can throw on MOM, BECCA, HOURGLASS, FACE NO CRACK, CRACK IS WACK, n whatever else face primer u wanna slather on becuz after so many hours n blotting it'll still seep thru some way...some how **shrugs** for ME its not a must have in my makeup process but if i needed to keep one it would definitely be BECCA :)
(i have no idea what pink lip color it is...cant remember but i KNOW i thru on my newly found favorite, MAC HAPPY HIBISCUS (sheen supreme) lippie in the middle)

smooches!! </span>


Beauty and The Beat Makeup Class

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<span style="font-size: medium;">
OMG!!! soooo like umm yea...the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself and i couldnt pass it up. Soon as i seen the announcement for Renny Vasquez and Tatianna's makeup class i made my deposit n set out to twerk for the rest by the time class started. When the time came i was so excited. i didnt know what to expect. I've been watching Tatiana aka BeatFace Honey for well over a year now. I found her while googling MAC products n found her blog. its amazing to see how far she's come into now doing celebrity makeup EEEK!! Renny who's actually local, i've seen his work which is AMAAAAAAZING!! to get this 2 for 1 class and be in attendance was priceless!! i woke up early cuz i wanted to get there in time to grab a good seat...threw on a quick beat, snatched my camera n made the 2 hr drive from MD-PA

i met gorgeous makeup artist who came from miami, st. louis n all over the place and we were all ready, pen and pad to soak in all the knowledge they were ready to give...


<span style="font-size: medium;">we learned all types of tips n tricks along with products recommended and had such a blast. to see them work right before ur very eyes is craaaazy. i actually did a makeup class taught by Kelley Woods n her magic hands and its funny how artist have a different technique with the same results. there really is no right or wrong way persay of doing it as long as in the end they look GEWD!! funny becuz the things that renny does NOT do, Tati does so they kinda contradicted each other.


Renny did like 8 looks in ONE for editorial type shoots. he started off wit the freshly done look n built on from there. his hands move sooo fast its crazy. i need to learn that technique for myself. next up was tati for the more dramatic infamous CUT CREASE!!


yall....the same way she is in her vids is the same way she is in person. she's so humble n down to earth. i think her new fame is so fresh she doesn't even realize the impact she's making on others who dream to be in her place. Renny is basically bein her mentor and teachin her the game. anyhoo...the cut crease is such a bytch for me to create n i've been tryin like 4 ever! she does it so effortlessly but trust n believe i was front row to soak it allll in.


we got to hear all the fabulous celebrity stories n perks and then there was the GIVEAWAY!!! a full essential brush kit from Sigma valued at $170. i've been droolin over these brushes for over a year n a few months ago i said i was gonna treat myself to either Sigma or Sedona Lace. I went with SL cuz it was cheaper. To enter we needed to repost on IG wit all the hashtags n etc. After Tati finished her model we did the drawing (or was it before she did her model...hmmm) her model was to pick a name out the hat n i felt defeated. what are the odds that MY name is gonna be picked out of almost 30 other names from a bag?

EEEEK!!! soon as the model opened up the paper it registered it was MINE cuz i wrote my name at the top (vs in the middle of the scrap paper) WOO WUH WOO WOO **martin voice** its still like a dream honestly!! cant believe it. i had them sign my box as a keepsake and i cant wait to try em out to see what everyone raves about. All in all, the class was HIGHLY informative. i mean it was from 10a-3p so it left u AMPLE time to learn n ask plenty of questions. I will say the one subject that i haven't seen nor heard about in other makeup classes is the marketing strategy. renny shared how he got started and the network it took to get to where he is today. Tati story of course is a tad different becuz she started n built herself up with support from her YT fanbase. At the end of the day it takes alot of hard work. Their next stop is in LA and im sure when their schedule permits they'll visit more cities. I would HIGHLY recommend this class for makeup artist, aspiring artist from all levels. I was excited to be apart of THE first class in philly hosted by talented celebrity ar-teeest. it was motivating and inspirational. im excited to see where i'll go from here!!




EEEK Summer?

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<span style="font-size: medium;">
Well dmn...let me play catch up (my normal opening phrase when im gone for a minute) cuz i got soooo much to share EEEK!!! Is it me or does it not really feel like Summer yet? I mean normally when i hear Will Smith song its like OFFICIALLY summer but i only heard it one time and it was rainin that day so it aint count-to me! Actually another summer jam fav of mine is Total-Cant u See...booooy when i hear that shyt THEN i know ok yea its warm up time. Lets seeee...oh yea i did my stepsissy makeup for her prom:

It was a nice trip to PA for the day to see her off for prom. she was quite easy cuz she doesnt require much lol but it was good times most definitely. the hoagie n the end made it allll worth it :) mason went along with me for the ride and had a NERVE to try to bring a new toy back home with us

laaaawd what am i gonna do wit this boy. funny how i know his flirtation cycles. he's clearly into older women n i can always tell when he likes somebody cuz he secretly follows them around. when it was time to leave he shook his head n pointed his finger to where she was, becuz of course god's gift to women just points n grabs right lol. dnt worry he has a short attn span when it comes to the laydeez smh!!

lets seeee what have i been up to...well mason's been out of school since the 6th so he's officially a 1st grader..yaaaay!! boy how time flies. he'll be goin to a new school this year and with a personality like his mama he'll make friends n no time. my makeup shoppin has slowed down (just a little). i have soooo much stuff that i dnt even touch for weeks up to months at a time its crazy. i havent even opened to even swatch or play with my mac betty bright from archie collection n hell that came out what...Feb!! smh!! i keep my stuff organized in totes n i have a "newbie" tote i keep of all the new products that need to be organized in its place but i need to test em out first to make sure they have earned a place amongst my belongings!! (yes i talk to makeup) I used to have so much n rarely used it in the beginning that when i did start to use it i ended up not liking it. by that time who knows what i did wit the receipt to return it so i normally just give it away...which will lead to my other post introducing my Reach One, Teach One™ campaign iiiiiiiii came up with. For some strange odd reason...i've been really feelin some cute, short sweet n to the point NUDES **gasp**

dooooooooooont get it twisted. i still have love for my bold over the top looks esp lips but when i went to get my order from mac temp rising coll my girl meka gave me this banging azz lip combo to try. she introduced me to Honey Love paired w/Soar lip liner n i've been in loooove ever since.

i add my own special touch which is Happy Hibiscus (mac) only in the center. i've been grabbin for this combo in about the majority of my looks these days. where has it been allllll my life lol.



International Natural Hair Meetup Day

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<span style="font-size: medium;">

Lucky me!! I was actually off to attend the 2nd annual INHMD that was set to take place around the world. Pam of Koils by Nature hosted and did a FAB job!! I caught up with some old curly sisters and met some new ones!! It always feels like family with wonderful positive laydeez and when u add shoppin to the mix...how can u go wrong!!

Now i had previously worked 12hrs last friday and got off at 6am. i made it into bed by 8 n was up n at em by 1030. YES i was workin off 2.5 hrs of shut eye (dnt ask me how i do it). took a shower n did a quick beat..quiet as kept i was NOT happy wit my browz UGH!!! but i kept it simple n to the point persay.

OMG!! u talkin bout a LIFESAAAAAVER!! my girl, my sista, my brow savior! Shalawn from LAMIK came to my rescue and it doesn't hurt that she's so adorable! i LOVE her southern ATL accent n i needed to know the secrets of the upkeep for her blonde tresses becuz for as long as i've known her i've NEVER seen her natural roots like EVER!!! im like dmn u know some time people dnt have time to do a touch up n skip a week or 2 but shyyyyyyt not this woman. no ma'am!! almost makes me wanna grow mine out juuuust a tad n go blonde...hmmmm!!

this is AFTER my girl hooked my browz up!! what a difference. of course i had to re-up on my eye brightener. i SWEAR by this under my concealer n i use it so much that i have to grab a new pot everytime i see them lol. it'll last me about 6 months cuz i consistently use em and she used the brow powder in SOUTHSIDE!

So soon as i step up n the building i notice this goooorgeous laydee who is clearly glowing n illuminating the hallways n who could it be...shamere (wait did i spell that right lol) her face was BEAT to all BEATS n im just like in awe of this face that stands before me. like seriously...i thought she got it professionally done. the lashes were of perfection n the eyes were just...whewww!! so im like "who did ur makeup" n she says ME O_O say whaaaaat. This is the same chick who was scared to rock a bright bold lip like less than 6 months ago and here she is today goin awl OUT hunty!! my girl is a representation of what my Reach One, Teach One™ campaign is all about. Im honored that u guys actually pay attn n listen as well as consult me for beauty tips, tricks n recommendations. i'm just glad im able to pass on somethin to women who really wanna zush themselves up and i feel REALLY strongly like to the point of tears to where i wish more women would NOT be afraid of bold color or think becuz of their skin tone and what the media, society and ig'nant azz folks tell us what we CANT wear. There is a red, pink n neutral color for all my beautiful black women and im not gonna get too deep into this right now becuz i wanna explain my Reach One, Teach One ™ a tad bit later but...its not a game!! **deep breathe** ok so yea...my merey poo was glowin...which i found out was due to a new arrival they'll be expectiiiiiiing :) **beaming** CONGRATS BOO!! hubby is an AWESOME man!!

Mary or as i like to call her "maaaaaawee" **jackee voice** of course was there. she be at AWL the natural hair functions goin on in the dmv u hear me...rain, sleet or snow my girl is THERE!! she's a wealth of knowledge and by the look n feel of her tresses she knows what she's doin!! love this woman!!

EEEK!! Guess who won a giveaway??? WOO WOO WOOO WOOOO **pam voice** funny cuz im like well...i aint got no hair for products but lo n behold i opened the box and it was a deep scalp stimulating brush!! yaaaay!! #231 play dem nummaz!!

well well well...looky who i bump into...me n felicia were twinnies!!! she's actually shorter than i thought but she was there giving out her golden hair tips which she has plenty of since she's worked on the tresses of jill scott n a host of other celebs.

I was able to grab some goodies n shop just a tad in between mingling!! i got to see Constance Glow who is one of the best skin care guru's i know. her skin stays flawless n for great reason. i've done a review on her glow kits before and i swear by her cleanser and in the summertime i cant get enuff of the tomato n cucumber moisturizer. i'll do another review with an updated regimen she taught me.

Jewelry courtesy of Pretty Little Wire. I always LOVE her pieces and u can tell she truly puts her passion in her work. I've pretty much been collecting these now lol.

and the laydee who makes these events possible!!! my pammy pie!! im always at the koils by nature table with my partner in crime, meca, and dmn it i wasnt able to get my hands on her argan oil nor was my infamous lavender butter. by the time i wanted to go get me a mango to hold me over...ERYTHANG was sold out :,( luckily i know where she lives!!

To wrap up the event...i had an AWESOME time, they never disappoint. my favorite is always the panel of speakers who share their knowledge becuz there truly is somethin to learn n take from these events. there are plenty of women who want to go natural yet dnt know where to start or even some naturals who still dnt know how to take care of their hair. i'm really lookin forward to the next Natural Hair is not a Fad event if we have one this year too!! Til then...i shall keep in touch with my old curlies and definitely welcome my new ones.

so until next time....




Mason my Mason

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<span style="font-size: small;" size="2">

I really cant believe come this November this little boy will be a whopping 7 yrs old. The day of finding out i was pregnant to the delivery room are freshly etched in my brain as unforgettable moments. With the things this child says out his mouth im literally amazed, surprised n dmn near baffled n often times gotta check his azz >:< whew lawd yes he test my patience more times than not but i knew what i was gettin ready for when i prayed to have my boy first. im just REALLY happy for him to be at this independent stage. he makes grill cheeses, hot dogs, enjoys lunchables n doesn't bother me when im tired from work. He gets on his computer, watches his tv and keeps himself occupied until im up n ready to give him attention.

Aside from all his crazy wacky ways (he clearly doesn't get from me) he's an all around good boy. He does extremely well in school which results in "surprises" that dnt cost me much at Target. He can recite more bible verses than i could ever learn n has no problem giving honest opinions...sometimes TOO honest. He once told this lady she looked like a man :( He absolutely HATES shopping wit me ESP if im goin to nordies so i have to bribe him wit a pair of shoes n keep his mind off the time by lettin him see my phone while im sayin hello to my mac girls at the counter. i looooove me some mason n he loooooves him some ME!! we have serious conversations about all these little fast tail hussies that try to corrupt my sweet innocent angel n i have to tell him to BEWARE of these hoez!! >:< one night we were loungin n he's layin on my stomach n asks me "when are u havin madison and gettin married" O_O ummm...ummm...now i know he's all for madison BUT is he ready for a man to kick him out MY bed? prolly not. I'd love for those options to come into play but the troof of the matter is...i will be 33 next Jan (dmn cant believe i remembered that) and the older mason gets the LESS i'd want to start fresh with a baby. i always said my cutoff was 31 n im clearly pass that but if it dnt happen soon Madison will merely be a puppy!! If mason is my only child then so be it...im ok with that but i found it cute he'd be willin to share me :)

no doubt this little boy keeps me on my toes and im excited to watch him grow into the man i know he'll be. there's nothin i wouldn't do for him (except put my house up for bail or somethin) n i know he'll take care of me as he does now. My little sidekick <3




remembering when...

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<span style="font-size: medium;">aaaaah do i miss my hair? umm no!! i got these pics to remind me of how much work i put into my hair lol. but i'll go down memory lane n share some proud twist moments i had...

YUP!! means i'll be clearing my hair stash :) my favorite twisting products haven't nor will ever change: Koils by Nature esp that dmn shealoe leave-in...good lawd!! Afroveda butters..all of em-PERIOD!! she used to have a sample pk to include the shea amla, curl define, totally twisted n cocolatte. shea amla is the standout product for me n i NEVER need to re-moisturize when i twist w/cocolatte. i normally mix it w/oyin burnt sugar but then my twistouts the first few days are too "perfect".

now as far as the makeup part...dnt even get me the lyin!! im just playin catch up n im sure i posted these on IG and listed the products lol


what i DO know is...i got MAC Heroine on my lips!! i line em w/MAC Resort eye kohl pencil (it was horrible on my eyes). It came out last year with the Reel Sexy Collection n ERY'BODY went into a Heroine OD when it was repromoted w/the fashion sets collection this year. **cue BOWDOWN** i been on n since i love the color so much i got a BU (backup), sold some n ready to give away one **evil laugh** i have a feelin it'll be added to the permanent collection **crossing fingers** but just in case i got a BU.